Monday, October 20, 2008

Prevent PenDrive Virus

Nowadays Most Common medium for Virus are PenDrive . Following steps help to prevent PenDrive Virus .

1) Disable autorun/autoplay function of your pen drive.

2) Now plugin your pen drive and open any folder of your computer.
(Do not open any folder from ur pen drive.)

3) Now goto tools then select Folder Option .
In that box mark the Show Hidden Files & Folders option.
Also Uncheck Hide Extension for known file types & Hide Protected OS files.

Now click apply and ok buttons and close that folder.

4) Nome come to Desktop.
On the Desktop, click on windows Start button and select Search for files & folders.

When the search dialog box appears on the screen, in that click on All Files & Folders, now click on More Advanced Options then select search Hidden files & folders.

Now go above & in Look In option, select your pendrive letter .
(For example E: Or G:) and hit Enter.

5) Now if you see any unknown .Exefiles, simply delete them all.

I hope this Tip give you some relax.

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7 comments: on "Prevent PenDrive Virus"

Layne | Jaggy Jam said...

That's useful info, I've made a note of the instructions and will check my own flash drives. (I'll try to remember to report back.)

Sometimes I'm a bit slack about security when accessing online data, because I'm so used to working within secure IT environments, I kinda forget that not every IT environment is secure, and neglect to take appropriate precautions! :-)

ghprod said...

Usually i use AutoRun Remover .. that automatic remove all autorun.inf :)

anyway thnx for tips :D

Muhammad Atif Ikram said...

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Muhammad Atif Ikram said...

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Mara said...

This is really helpful. I'm gonna let my brother read this. :)

reevasmith said...

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