Thursday, November 20, 2008

Digg Source Code has a "Secret Message"

Nowadays Digg is popular amongst the bloggers .Recently I came to know about this, the homepage of Digg contains a "Secret Message". This secret message is in the source code of the Home Page of the website in the form of a comment at the very bottom .After analyzing the code it seems that some physics-lover has worked on the code of the website.The message is :::

< !-- digg is done serving you. 2.01355321270u 137.03599911 6.6742x10-11m3kg-1s-2 6.6742x10-11m3kg-1s-2 -->

This line is a comment and thus not visible on the website but can easily be seen in the source code of the homepage.These are not just random numbers but are a result of very smart physics work done at the Digg labs.
What is the significance of these numbers ? Take a guess (Hint :: Relate these numbers to physics)...

OK,here is the answer.....

  • 2.01355321270u :: This is the atomic mass of the hydrogen isotope known as Deuterium.
  • 137.03599911 :: This is a complicated one and really a geek in physics can figure this out.This is Inverse of the Sommerfield fine-structure constant.
  • 6.6742x10-11m3kg-1s-2 ::The last two numbers are the same.This one is very easy to guess and is known as The Gravitational Constant(G).
The numbers represent Deuterium, Inverse of the fine structure constant, G, G.
After the analysis what we get is ::
2.01355321270u :: D
137.03599911 :: I
6.6742x10-11m3kg-1s-2 :: G
6.6742x10-11m3kg-1s-2 :: G

Finally , the secret message is DIGG !!.
Ohhk..someone at Digg is crazy or should i say a geek who came up with this crazy idea of encrypting "DIGG" as such a weird figure so that no one figures it out easily thereby getting them involved into this puzzle. What you say!!.

Links to Check::
Digg Home Page
Wikipedia (For physics related information)


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6 comments: on "Digg Source Code has a "Secret Message""

Lhurey said...

wow..amazing.first time i hear about this

Experiments in Cyberspace said...

Good find! Frankly, I like such programmers who take the time and insert a secret signature in their work. According to me, it is a dedication and pride for one's own work.

Susan said...

Wow! Cool discovery. You cracked the code. Nice game by DIGG, should I say. Thanks for letting us know.

Allison said...

Sounds like Weffriddles to me...