Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now Cure of Cancer and Diabetes is left hand game - Saint Prahlad Jani of India

If we believe on Saint Prahlad jani then disease like cancer,diabetes is easier to drive away.
The holy God gift of Gujarat is Prahlad Jani from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He said, remove cancer and diabetes is left hand game.

The 82-year-old Indian saint Prahlad Jani is formally known as “Chundadivala Mataji” and “Chunriwala Mataji” in Gujarat, India.
He lives without eating drinking food and water since last 70 years. By taking from 1942 until today, so many doctors have been done medical tests on Indian holy man.

Saint said that he can shut out many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and ext. by giving one fruit to diabetes and cancer patient.that fruit produces antibodies into the patients body which help to fight with illness.

Many Doctors examined him several works and monitored daily activities by CCTV Cameras. Finally revealed that saint actually does not eat any food drink anything but finally his whole body revealed flourishing.

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