Monday, October 6, 2008

Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker

This post is dedicated to those who want to become ethical hacker , you can be trained and

certified by computer security guru Ankit Fadia himself. AFCEH or “Ankit Fadia Certified

Ethical Hacker” course is a certification program on computer security. It is a computer

security course that helps IT security professionals protect internet enabled computer

security systems against cyber security threats and hacking. It helps people become more aware

about cyber crime and IT security measures to counter it.

They say the first five batches of this course were sold out with 5000 participants from 91 cities

across India and now courses have been started in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and

China. This training and certification program is exclusively available at Reliance

WebWorld outlets in over 100+ cities across India. You can contact them for the next course details.

All training material for the course including live video lectures, video recordings, video

workshop demonstration, online study material, books and online exam will be prepared by

Ankit Fadia. Remember AFCEH certification is valid for two years only and you need to

retake the examination to renew your certification later. I checked the Registration Fees are

Rs.6499 and you will receive free copies of Ankit Fadia’s 6 internationally best selling security and hacking books.

Buy The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, Second Edition

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