Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chrome - The Internet Explorer Killer ???

Chrome to Google is what Internet Explorer to Microsoft. Yes, you are right. Chrome, a web browser, is the newest google product intended, as people might say, to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominance.

Some of the interesting points of the Chrome browser include:
  • A new UI that places the tabs above the address bar, instead of the traditional way
  • Incognito mode, which will allow you to browse the web in complete privacy, without recording any of your activity.
  • A new JavaScript engine to speed things up
  • They've even put up a web comic to provide users with additional information regarding Chrome.
Can Chrome do it? The more important thing for us, the users, is not about which’s winning what . Having more options to browse and hence, as Google says, to “add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web” is a lot more substance.

This is what some bloggers say…

The software will be seamlessly integrated, and it will make Google’s (and other) online apps, games, etc. richer and simpler to use, especially if/when you’re offline. It will feature a Google search window (and, unlike Microsoft, Google won’t get in trouble when it sets the default to Google). It will be capable of running directly on any device without Windows. Unlike Windows, it will be free. And it will come pre-loaded–just like Windows–because who really wants to bother with downloadin.

download google Chrome from here.

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