Saturday, August 9, 2008

Windows Process Information

Yesterday, my friend Anna was asking me about process and want to know that which process window need and which are unnecessary.I found a intresting site which help to solve this problem.
When pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your computer you’ll get the task manager. In the task manager you can find a lot of valuable information such as: which applications and process are running at the moment, your pc performances, some info about your network activities and the current user which is logged on the computer.
When looking at the process tab in your task manager you’ll find that there are a lot of processes on your computer which are running. Some of them speak for them selfs such as: Photoshop.exe (which means that Photoshop is running), FireFox.exe (which means that FireFox is running) and you’ll also see some process which you didn’t start or know about. Processes like alg.exe, svchost.exe, ccapp.exe, ctfmon.exe etc..
There might also be a process of a program which you have installed with the autorun function (So it starts each time you turn your computer on!). Here’s what I do in this situation, depending on which program it is and if I NEED it, I’ll make sure that this doesn’t run when I turn my computer on.
I find the information in the process tab very handy cause I want to know what my pc is up to and which process are running at the moment. There are process which can be stopped simply because you don’t need/use them. Some of them can’t/shouldn’t be stopped because Windows XP needs them!!
By disabling the unnecessary process and the autorun programs you can gain more CPU & RAM resources and you’ll also notice that you’r computer is starting up more quickly.
So if you need to find more information about the process which are running on your pc and which you don’t know about, you can visit
On you can find some background information about the process, which program uses that process, what it’s good for and how you can remove/stop the process.
So be in control of your computer and decide which programs may run on your computer.

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