Sunday, August 3, 2008

Firefox Addons FIRE

Most of firefox fans are aware of awesomeness of Mozilla Firefox 3 address bar but few are aware that this awesome bar can be upgraded by using some Firefox addons and can be made more useful.

Here is the list of 5 Firefox 3 addons which can improve the working and efficiency of your Mozilla Firefox 3 address bar.

1.oldbar - Oldbar makes the location (URL) bar look like Firefox 2. If you need another alternative to this, try out Old Location Bar. Oldbar just makes the location bar look like FireFox 2 Old Location Bar makes it ACT like Firefox 2.
2.Hide Unvisited - You too can hide pages bookmarks that you haven't visited , since deleting or clearing history, from showing in the Address Bar.
3.Enter Selects - This Extension allows you to press enter in the Address Bar to select the first result without pressing down.
4.Hidden Places - Stop URLs from specified domains being added to places and the Address Bar.
5.Edit Middle - Show AwesomeBar results when editing in the middle not just at the end.
I personally feel that even without addons firefox 3 is a nice and safe web browser compared to others.

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