Friday, May 23, 2008

Doodle for Google winner

I told you about a contest where kids in grades Kindergarten to 12 were invited to create a logo for the Google home page. The theme for the contest was "What if...?" and the winning entry was promised the honor of seeing his or her design grace the Google home page on May 22. Well, today is the day and if you visit, you will see Grace Moon's lovely drawing entitled "Up in the Clouds."

Moon is a 6th grader at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley, California. Her vision of "What if...?" is a beautiful world in the sky. Of her design, she writes: "This new world is clean and fresh, and people are social and enlightened. Every person here is treated as family no matter who they are. The bright sun heats this ideal place with warmth, love, and brightens everyone's day." It's a lovely drawing and an beautiful sentiment.

Grace Moon may have won the top spot, but I am sure the judges had a difficult time choosing from all these wonderful entries. Congratulations to Grace and all the kids who answered the question "What if...?" with their own unique visions.

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